curio is a public art consulting practice, founded in 2012 by Justin Ridgeway to realize public art, architecture and design projects of varying scale, media and platform. 

Since 2007, Justin Ridgeway has worked on large, urban public art projects with such artists as Vito Acconci, James Carpenter, Douglas Coupland, Mark DiSuvero, LAb(au), Geoff McFetridge, Troika, James Turrell and United Visual Artists. As director of curio, his clients and collaborators include infrastructure constructors, municipal agencies, public relations firms, media production companies, architects and landscape architects.  

curio’s curatorial focus is on developing permanent and experiential site-specific projects that cross disciplines of art, architecture and design. curio is curious about the relationship between our architectural and cultural landscapes, envisioning the places we inhabit as massive museums or collective galleries for rare, unusual and intriguing objects.




Program Development, Policy and Plan

In collaboration with architects, landscape architects, urban designers and municipal planning departments, draft a design brief that expresses the client's and other stakeholder's objectives and expectations. Prepare policies, plans and presentations for client and relevant authorities, such as governmental art, planning and civil bodies. 

Artists, studios and other suppliers, along with selection process, are identified for the project. Complete selection process management, including multi-stage competitions.


Full project management throughout life-cycle, from initiation through project implementation, commissioning and close-out. Coordination, facilitation and monitoring through contract negotiation, design development, construction documentation and contract administration.


Develop and implement strategies to expand range and scope of practice for artists and design disciplines. 

Preparation of packages for Request for Proposal (RFP), design competition submissions.

Collaborate with and connect creative professionals of all media including visual artists, photographers, illustrators, art directors, musicians and performance-based practices.


Home photo: Nicholas Croft, 2015